large mugs

lovely smokey blue porcelain mugs

Oil Drizzlers

For summer salads, these colourful oil drizzlers come in white, yellow, green and aqua

Boat teapot

richly decorated with oxide coloured ash glazes

Porcelain hanging planter

these come in various sizes and colours to brighten up your life!

Yellow porcelain teapot with cup and saucer

part of the range of yellow tableware which includes mugs, jugs and bowls

Porcelain butterdishes

in blue, white, yellow, green and aqua

Flowery teapot

this cheerful teapot comes in two sizes

Porcelain storage jars

these come in two sizes, small and medium (these are small)

Small coffee beakers

porcelain coffee beakers with coloured ash glazes

Cereal bowls

light and colourful

Hand held porcelain lemon squeezers

elegant and functional, these are available in yellow, blue, white, green and aqua

Cup and Saucer

Large cup and saucer in “Mer” colours, also available in “terre”

New Boat Teapot

boat teapot in porcelain with ash glazes.


butterdish in smoky blue, also available in cream and light green ash

small porcelain pale ash glazed bowl

also in cream, pale green ash, blue ash

Blue porcelain jug and mugs

also available in cream, pale ash, and pale green ash

Medium bowl in blue ash glaze

Also available in pale green ash, pale ash and cream

Porcelain large pot

Pot in Porcelain with uneven rim. This is an interesting ash glaze
with almost marbled subtle colours

Large shallow porcelain platter

This beautiful bowl is in soft “Mer” colours, and also available in “terre”

oval “cache-pot”

in porcelain, “terre” colour range. transforms a humble pot plant! Also available in “Mer”

half glazed plainware teapot

sturdy teapot in duck egg, also available in ash green, and cream (plain)

plainware pasta/salad bowl

pasta/salad bowl half glazed. These come in three colours, duck egg, ash green and cream (plain). The clay comes from the Dordogne and is a lovely russet colour

Oval vases

These oval vases in the “terre” colour range are now in porcelain

plain cream baker

pracical oven proof baker, also available in the green ash glaze. The toasty russet coloured clay comes from the Dordogne:


dry ash glazed stoneware; Suitable for garden

Ash glazed salad bowl

small, medium and large salad bowls available in ash green, cream and duck egg

salt pig

salt pig ash glazed. Available in three colours – cream, ash green and duck egg

tall cream speckle jug

also available in ash green and duck egg

dark green ash glaze mug

also available in cream and duck egg

small baking dish in cream speckle

Also available in green ash, duck egg blue and dark plum

lemon squeezer

very functional lemon squeezer. Available now in the “plain” range of colours

eggcups on tray

neat tray with four eggcups also available in the plain range of colours

side salad bowl

bowl in duck egg, also available in cream and ash green. Cereal size and large salad bowls also available

very large cup and saucer

breakfast cup sized, also available in cream, or duck egg

Two mugs

Two mugs from my range of plain domestic ware. These are available in the duck egg colour above, also a cream and an ash green.

Garden Sculptural Jug

large jug with dry ash glazes, usually made in pairs but can be ordered singly, prices around £500

Bird bath

birdbath, made to order, price around £500


dry ash glazed ceramic twist suitable for outdoors.

Bird bath

birdbath, on tree trunk base. These can also be made totally in ceramic.

small platter

small wavy edged platter with slightly textured semi matt ash glazes


large garden sculpture. made to order. price in the region of £950